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Text Box: Welcome to the Hopedale Sportsmanís Club website. If this is your first time here please make use of the links on the left side of the page to familiarize yourself with our club. We are a club that is dedicated to outdoor sports and the preservation of wildlife. We hold ATV rallies every year that are open to the public (please see the ATV Rally link on the left for information). 






2014 ATV Rally Sponsor Page

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Current Events and Updates


*** November 2014 Rally Pictures Posted in Picture & Video Gallery Page Click Link (Dec.28th 2014)

*** 2014 Gun Bash Winners Posted on Calendar of Events Page Click Link (Oct. 7th 2014)

*** 2014 Gun Bash Event Pictures Posted in Picture Gallery  Click Link (Oct. 7th 2014)

HSC August 2014 Newsletter.  Get Newsletter/Details Here Click Link  (Aug 24th 2014)

GUN BASH IS OCTOBER 4th, 2014 Starting at 11:30 AM.  Get Flyer/Details Here Click Link  (July 23rd 2014)

April 12th, 2014 ATV Rally passes April 2013 Event with 987 Riders See Pictures Click Link (Apr. 15th 2014)

*** NEW ! ! ! ATV Rally Sponsor & Manufacturer Page (Check it Out ! ! !) Click Link (March 15th 2014)

*** 2014Rally Dates Updated for this years ride.  We have a November Ride ! ! ! Click Link (Jan. 13th 2014)

***2014 Calendar Dates Updated on Website for All Events. Click Link (Jan. 13th 2014)

*** NEW ! ! ! Video Links Page for Rally Video's (Check it Out ! ! !) Click Link (Jan. 2nd 2014)

***September 21st Rally Rainy but lots of fun.  See Rally Pictures  Click Link (Sept 21st, 2013)

*** TRAIL MAP IS NOW ONLINE.  CHECK IT OUT.  See Trail News Page Click Link (Dec. 31st 2012)

*** Hopedale Sportsman's Club ATV Rally is on Rider Planet USA Website  Click Link (Sept. 4th 2012)




Text Box: A fellowship of family and friends dedicated to outdoor sports and the preservation of wildlife.